DIPPING POWDER. This new manicure lasts longer than gel polish and doesn’t use UV light

Compared to the 10-14 days that a shellac/gel Mani lasts, an Dip Mani will last for3-4 weeks. This certainly cuts down on the frequency that you need to get your nails done if you get regular manicures.

“Not only is it great to use on natural nails, it also won’t chip or peel like other polishes. This Dip Powder is formulated without harsh chemicals, has added vitamins to help strengthen your nails, and won’t damage the nail bed.”

“A Place Where Beauty, Wellness And Relaxation Come Together”

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Welcome to LeJJBelle Pedicure!

Located conveniently in Santa Clara, CA 95050, as one of the best nail salons, LeJJBelle Pedicure takes pride in delivering the highest level of customer’s satisfaction.

Our skilled and experienced staff aims to provide our clientele with the highest quality of nail salon services tailored to each client’s needs. We provide a refined and relaxing atmosphere in which every detail of your experience is attended to with care and expertise.

Treat yourself to a refreshing and rejuvenating experience by indulging in one of our specialized services, many of which cannot be found at your average nail salon.

Learn about our unique services by visiting our Services section. Find one of our salon packages for personal or exclusive business occasions. For salon hours, directions and information on scheduling an appointment please see our Contact Us page.

Gift certificates are available and can be purchased for any amount and make a perfect gift for any occasion – buy one as the perfect holiday gift!

We accept online and after hours-voicemail appointments. Name and phone numbers are required when scheduling for services. A credit card or gift certificate number is also required. Le JJ Belle and Bridal Party reservations are required 5 days in advance.

Lejjbelle Pedicure
Addr: 2291 THE ALAMEDA
Tel: Call us: (408) 615-9009
Mon – Sat:
For an Express In and Out short time break. Ideally on the rush process of Pedicure treatment. With quick soak in warm Mint then followed with Coconut Shredded Scrub removing dead skin away. Next, moisturizing with Pineapple Cream. No massage for this quick treatment.

This pedicure is for men or women with feet that needs extra help with stubborn calluses. This experience starts off with your feet soaked with Lavender Peppermint. After that, more unwanted skin is removed using a callus remover treatment (contains Alpha Hydroxyl Acid and Salicylic Acid). Next, Peppermint Scrub is applied to exfoliate your feet. It is then followed with Lavender an Grapefruits Clay Masque wrap with Hot Towel to soften and help your feet relax. This unforgettable treatment will end with your feet and lower legs massaged with Grapefruit Foot Cream.

Let us to melt away your stress while your feet are pampered with a bath of milk, honey, and Salts of Red Volcanic Ash from Hawaii to re-mineralize an soften your skin. Followed with Pure Strawberry Scrub to sweep away old skin. Your feet are then painted with Desert Red Masque mined from the French Alps, then wrap with hot towel. Next, a slow deep tissue lower leg massage is done using a Hot Stone and Sweet orange Oil. Finally, make this an unforgettable pedicure when we apply Pure White Chocolate and top off with a final massage to your feet.

First, your feet are soaked in milk and honey followed by Orange Peel & Pineapple Sugar Glow to your legs that will help take away unwanted old skin. This treatment will help completely moisture your feet. Finally, your legs are treated with massage of classic Caramel Ribbon Glaze.

This treatment starts off with a warm milk and honey foot soak that will leave your skin buttery smooth. Next, we help refresh your pedicure and manicure with Hawaiian Chocolate Body Sand to sweep away some of your unwanted dry skin. Completed by a foot massage with Dark Chocolate Moisturizing Cream

This wonderful treatment begins with a foot bath of milk and honey topped with fresh lemon. Continue with exfoliation of unwanted old skin with Citrus Body Sand and Honey Masque in hot Towel. Your feet will relax as they are massaged with our Cocoa Butter complete the treatment as one Our Best you have ever had.

Give your rough, dry feet the attention they deserve. This rejuvenating treatment begins with a warm milk and honey Red Sea Salt Bath to restore moisture and remove impurities.  Our Pure Kiwi Scrub gently exfoliates and smoothes away stubborn calluses. To enhance circulation, Pineapple Masque in Hot Towel is applied to your feet and lower legs, followed by massage with Moisturizing Pineapple Cream. The manicure covers all the basics, and includes a hand and arm massage that nourishes your skin and leaves it feeling silky and hydrated

This classic treatment starts off with a foot bath with milk and Raw Sugar. Followed with Honey Almond exfoliation to take dry skin. We continue with Honey Masque to help improve the skin’s natural immunity and protect it from the hash elements of the environment. Finish it off with an application of Almond Cream and then a slow massage to your feet an lower legs. This make for a blissful experience.

Allow us take you to paradise while your hands and feet are pampered in Tropical Fruit bath together with milk and honey. Next, we exfoliate gently with Pineapple Mango Scrub and Orange Peel in Hot Towel. Completing it with Bay Melon Lotion with slow massage up to your lower legs. Finally, make this unforgettable full of tropical scent experience like you are escaping to Paradise Island.

This is created for group of six or more friends who wish to reserve he shop for their get-away time. Our party includes six or more Island Sugar Pedicures, Hawaiian Mimosas (optional), a complimentary Petite Dinner, and Gift Bags. The party is for exclusive reservations after normal business hours and requires three (3) weeks in advance reservation. Guests of the Party enjoy a 15% discount off boutique purchases made that night.
Note: Pedicure is provided for everyone on the LejjBelle Party.

One of the most beautiful and memorable days in a woman’s life is the day of her wedding. Every detail should reflect her beauty including her nails. This is also a moment that she can share with her wonderful bridesmaids. Or Bridal Party treatment includes the Sweet Almond Scrub that exfoliates away old skin.

Then, your hands and feet are soaked on Rose Petal bath infused with link and honey. After the hands and feet are coated with real honey, we wrap them in a warm towel further nourishing the skin with hydrating benefits. Your hands and feet are then relaxed with hand massage, using our wonderful Seeded Cocoa Butter. A compliment of French Polish or nail art, and signature toe ring makes for a perfect choice right before you big wedding day. Note: Manicure and Pedicure are included for everyone in this Bridal Party.

Note: Manicure and Pedicure are included for everyone in this Bridal Party along with complimentary Exotic Pineapple Seafood Salad and drinks 


 Racer’s Manicure  $15.00
(Nail shaping, cuticle clean – up and a moisturizing hand massage, then finish with a polish.)
Deluxe Hawaiian Chocolate Manicure  $25.00
Island Sugar Manicure  $25.00
Lemon Drop Manicure  $30.00
Pina Colada Manicure  $30.00
Happy Sweet Heart Manicure  $35.00
Heavenly Paradise Manicure  $35.00
Gel Color add – on Manicure  $10.00
French Color Gel add – on Manicure  $15.00



 Acrylic Fills $18.00
 Acrylic Full Set $25.00
 Acrylic Overlay $35.00
 Gell Fills $20.00
 Gel Full Set $35.00
 Gel Overlay $25.00 
 Pink & White Fills (with white tips) $30.00
 Pink & White Full Set (with white tips) $40.00


Racer’s Pedicure $25.00 
(Nail shaping, cuticle clean – up and a moisturizing foot massage, then finish with a polish.)
Coco Express Pedicure $30.00 
Deluxe Hawaiian Chocolate Pedicure $45.00
Island Sugar Pedicure $50.00
Lemon Drop Pedicure $60.00
Pina Colada Pedicure $65.00
Happy Sweet Heart Pedicure $65.00
Heavenly Pasadise Pedicure $65.00
Cool Sea Breeze Pedicure (for men or women) $70.00
Red Mountain Pedicure $75.00


Racer’s Pedicure & Manicure Combo $35.00
Deluxe Hawaiian Chocolate Manicure & Pedicure $65.00
Island Sugar Manicure & Pedicure $70.00
Lemon Drop Manicure & Pedicure $85.00
Pina Colada Manicure & Pedicure $90.00
Happy Sweet Heart Manicure & Pedicure $95.00
Heavenly Paradise Manicure & Pedicure $95.00


Nail Art (On Each Toe or Finger)  $5.00
Signature Toe Ring  $4.00
French Polish (Toes or Fingers)  $5.00
Le JJ Belle Party of 6 (If More Check For Pricing)  $450.00
Luxury Bridal Party of 4 (If More Check For Pricing)  $480.00


Eye Browns $10.00
Lip $7.00
Chin $8.00
Under – Arms $16.00
Half – Arms $20.00
Full – Arms $30.00
Bikini $20.00+
Brazilian $60.00+
Half – Legs (upper or lower) $25.00
Full – Legs $45.00
Full – Legs with bikini $55.00
Full – Face $35.00
Chest $25.00
Full – Back $35.00+
– We accept On – line and after hours voices appointment (Name and phone numbers are required).
– When scheduling for services, a credit card or gift certificate number is required.
– Lejjbelle and Bridal Party reservations requires 5 days in advance.

– No Personal checks are accepted.
– Credit cards payments are welcomes in addition to cash. (Visa and Master Card Only)
– Lejjbelle and Bridal Party requires full payment 5 days in advance.
– All services have been done and paid for are not refundable.

– We require 24 hours in advance for cancel your appointment.
– Lejjbelle and Bridal Party requires 3 days in advance for cancel your reservations.
– By calling us directly or leave us a messages. For your convenience Email us if you wish to cancel your appointment. Failure to do so may result in a service charge.
– All cancellations with – out notice us in advance will be subjected to a 50% fee of service charge. We apologize for this inconvenience to our customer. But we treated this to be fair to protecting our value Technician’s income for living.

– We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
– Lejjbelle Pedicure is a place for serenity and a smoke – free enviroment.
– Disclose any health condition or problems to be aware of to our Technician before your services starts.
– Due to our relaxing nature, children under the age of 5 should stay in reception area only with under your supervision and for their safety, they are not allowed in salon area. For those who may have arranged child care for their own getaway. Your understanding is appreciated.
– We request your refrain from cell phone use or turn it off while enjoy your treatment, is also respecting others privacy.
– You pick your own choice of colors. Unhappy with it? We will gladly redo it for you after the first coated. But not acceptable when final coated is completed. There will be an additional charge if you wish to change.
– Please take a moment to review your services when the job is done. If not like it! Regards all questions to our Manager for your satisfaction before leaving our salon. Any later complaining that may have is not fair to be retrieved. However, we are always listening and serving you better.

– Certificates are available in any amount and unexpired from the date of purchase.
– Certificates are nonrefundable and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.
– Gift certificates cannot be redeemed for cash. The gift recipient is responsible to pay any difference in price for services exceeding the certificate’s value.
– Gift Certificate can be Purchase On – line. Free shipping available nationwide.
– All Gift Certificates require an appointment in advance and present it at the time you showed up.
Note: All paid for services are nonrefundable.

We accept online and after hours voicemail appointments. Name and phone numbers are required when scheduling for services. A credit card or gift certificate number is also required. Le JJ Belle and Bridal Party reservations are required 5 days in advance.

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